1.       Church Planting

NBCP works among people belonging to low-income areas of Punjab & Islamabad Capital Teritory and plants churches and congregations at community level. It helps them build worship places in easily accessible areas.





1 Church Planting 2

2.       Pastoral Training


NBCP provides learning opportunities to its Pastors from rural and urban congregations on regular basis. This serves to equip them with modern day requirements of the congregations and helps them take up the challenges that they face while living in an Islamic state.


These workshops are a platform where participants refresh their knowledge on religion as well as share with other colleagues, their experiences, ideas, and challenges.


3 Pastoral Training

3.       Sunday School Ministry

NBCP strongly recognizes the importance of Christian education for Children. This need is more accentuated in Pakistan (Predominantly Muslim State) as Christian children studying in Muslim schools, do not receive Bible Education as a part of their curriculum. Hence NBCP takes it as its direct responsibility to provide Christian teaching to Christian children from their early childhood.

NBCP also provides regular training to Sunday School Teachers for their capacity building.


4 Sunday School Ministry




4.       Evangelistic Ministry

The evangelical team of NBCP endeavors to reach out to the non-believers for sharing the word of God and winning souls. The team travels to remote and far-flung areas where people living in small pockets neither have access to conventional churches nor to any pastoral care.


5.       Women’s Ministry

NBCP feels holistic nurturing is incomplete if the homemakers- the foundation of a Christian family- the mothers, wives and daughters are not part of it. Hence, NBCP aims to address the spiritual as well as the social needs of fellow believers. In this regard, it organizes Women Bible Study on a weekly basis.


This activity provides an opportunity to share blessings, testimonies, challenges and at the same time encourages women to share the good news in their respective domains. 


6. Talk about Jesus

This provides an access to believers and non-believers to learn about the Bible and have an in-depth understanding of the scriptures. Queries and questions of Christians as well as people from different faiths regarding Jesus and Christianity are answered by a dedicated team of NBCP.


This approach is very useful in clarifying misconceptions that people nurture regarding Christianity and as well as for those who wish to learn more about the Baptist Faith.

Talk about jesus

7. Men’s Ministry

The aim of the Men’s Outreach Ministry is mainly to target Christian professionals and businessmen. This fellowship provides an opportunity to create linkages for synergizing various individual talents and assisting the marginalized community. It has also proven helpful in uplifting the marginalized Christians who had lost hope. NBCP presents these successful personalities as role models for youth so that they may follow the path and develop their personalities for becoming better Christians and good citizens of the State.

Mens ministry

8. Youth Ministry

NBCP aims to provide a platform from where youth can be involved in learning about Jesus and Christian values and incorporating these values in their daily lives as well as receive Career Counseling to help them determine their direction for future.

The youth in Pakistan comprises 63% of the total population. They are the future leaders of the nation.  It is a proven fact that if the youth is correctly guided they can change the course of the world. Today the youth in Pakistan is facing political, economic, technological, sociological, and multi-religious divides, which is not only curtailing their potential but is also creating an environment of hopelessness. The present scenario is not only distancing them from the teachings of the Christ and the Church, but is also channelizing their energies towards negative activities.


9. Ministry for Persecuted Christians

The extended arms of NBCP namely Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) and HumSub.TV advocate for the rights of the religious minorities, especially Christians who are persecuted due to their faith.  In order to ensure access to justice, PIL provides legal assistance to the persecuted and accused persons.

NBCP has been actively responding to the incidents by providing assistance to victim families through necessary food and household items while helping them to settle, relocate or readjust. NBCP also undertakes advocacy and lobbying with Parliamentarians and decision makers to highlight the issues of Christians in Pakistan.


10.  SIGHT: Salvation in God in High Tides

This NBCP endeavor is Christ-centered counseling for transforming lives. The endeavor focuses on youth, parents, women, married couples, and single adults.

The purpose is to lend an ear and a shoulder to those who are:

  • Stressed at work or due to domestic issues;
  • Being harassed, discriminated and victimized on the basis of their faith;
  • Challenged to hold on to their faith while living and studying with Muslim peers;
  • Being forced to convert to Islam;
  • Facing issues in their marriages;
  • Confused and need pre-marriage counselling