It is an honour to reach out to the Global community through this website!

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan stands as the 6th most populated country according to the world  population index, with 97% Muslims and 3% Religious Minorities. The Christians rank as the largest Religious Minority of Pakistan. Pakistan unfortunately suffers from extreme religious intolerance and has lost hundreds and thousands of innocent lives due to terrorist attacks on Churches, educational institutions, markets and public places.

Christians in Pakistan face immense challenges in the areas of good quality education, good health facilities, employment at high ranking Government and public positions, proper housing and environmental hygiene, to name just a few. Above all these issues there is also complete absence of political will to bring Christians to the mainstream be it in politics or abolishment of discriminatory laws.

The National Baptist Church of Pakistan is dedicatedly serving the Christian community of Pakistan since 1990. NBCP strongly believes in the teachings of the Christ with regards to the holistic development approach. NBCP is the umbrella organization that has gradually established the following three autonomous organizations through which it strives to uplift and empower the masses, with special focus on Christians:

  1. Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP) – Community Development Wing of NBCP
  2. Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) – Socio-Political Wing of NBCP
  3. HumSub Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. – Media and Communication Wing of NBCP

NBCP has been consistent in reaching out to the suppressed and marginalized Christian communities in Pakistan through its Wings for alleviating their miseries, promoting Interfaith Harmony for a peaceful co-existence, advocacy and lobbying with law-makers, policy makers and religious scholars for their due rights as per the Constitution of Pakistan and sensitizing and educating the majority on the rights of the minorities through web based programmes.

I, on behalf of The National Baptist Church of Pakistan and the Christian Community of Pakistan urge you to remember our teams in your prayers that God may protect them and enable them even more for reaching out to those who have not yet received the message of salvation. I also encourage you to support NBCP Ministries with your kind donations so that the name of the Lord may be glorified in Pakistan.

With profound regards,

Sajid Sandhu

Chairman NBCP