1. To establish educational institutions: schools, colleges and universities for students of all faiths;
  2. To promote sports, culture and arts, to inculcate Nationalism among Pakistani youth;
  3. To provide humanitarian assistance at the time of man-made and/or natural disasters;
  4. To raise funds in Pakistan for providing scholarships to outstanding students belonging to low economic backgrounds;
  5. To establish adult literacy centers for male and female students of all faiths;
  6. To establish vocational centers for male and female students of all faiths;
  7. To establish health centers for non-affording communities;
  8. To establish Shelter Homes, Orphanages and Rehabilitation Centers;
  9. To Start Micro-Finance projects to uplift small entrepreneurs and provide training on Management and Finance to new Start-ups;
  10. To portray a positive image of Pakistan with regards to Religious Freedom by conducting religious conventions, seminars and conferences for interacting with the International community;
  11. To establish congregations in different areas of Pakistan;
  12. To construct Church buildings and Sunday Schools;
  13. To preach the Holy Bible to Christian communities through all possible means of communications such as social media, electronic media and print media;
  14. To initiate Christian Prisoners’ Ministry in order to share the Word of God with Christian prisoners and their families;
  15. To establish Baptist Theological Seminaries to produce dedicated, obedient and faithful servants of God;
  16. To raise funds in Pakistan for supporting Church programs and activities;
  17. Produce publications, videos, and dissemination material in local and regional languages.