Greetings from NBCP!

I find immense pleasure in welcoming you to our website and hope that you will be able to share the joy that we experienced in reaching out to the Christian community since the inception of NBCP in 1990.

I find it distressing to share that the Christians, a Minority community in Pakistan, have not been very fortunate in sharing the same rights as the Majority Community and have had to continuously struggle in all domains of life for their mere survival.  On one side they have been surrounded by grave economic issues and have borne hardships in making ends meet while on the other they have been forced to live in miserably deplorable conditions without the availability of even the basic necessities of life such as clean drinking water, electricity and gas. The top of the long list of discriminations that these simple minded Christians of Pakistan face is lack of good quality education due to which their generation after generation has had to suffer in silence, tolerating the abuses hurled at them when they are forced to work as janitors or at other lowly paid jobs.

NBCP has been able to provide solace to their spirits through the word of God and pacify their souls while the Community Development Wing, Socio-Political Wing and Media and Communications Wing have been endeavouring to minimize their desolation by attending to other important areas.

Coming back to education, NBCP has always emphasized on the importance of religious and academic education of the Christians in Pakistan.  NBCP, from the platform of I-LAP, its Development Wing, is providing good quality education to Christian children, free of cost, while underlining the significance of nurturing, grooming and personality development so as to help these children join the main stream and stand abreast children belonging to the majority community.

NBCP is aspiring to establish a Christian University in Pakistan which will most specifically cater to Christian youth for providing higher education and in the consequence, better employment opportunities and subsequently improved standard of living.

I invite you to join hands with NBCP in achieving the aim of uplifting the Christians in Pakistan. Your generous contribution can change the fate of the young generation who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Wishing you peace and joy in your life,

Nazia Ansari

Executive Director