National Baptist Church of Pakistan (NBCP) strongly believes that God does not only want to nurture of the human spirit but wants us to apply a holistic approach in caring for others as a whole, just like we are inclined to attend to all our needs, “ We are to love others as we love ourselves” (Mk. 12:31). Hence along with fulfilling the spiritual needs of Christians, NBCP also endeavors to shoulder the responsibility of catering to other aspects of their lives.

Adhering to the Word of God, NBCP has established Community Development Wing, Socio-Political Wing and Media & Communication Wing through which it reaches out to all communities for alleviating poverty and empowering through education; advocacy and lobbying for Minority Rights, raising voice for the voiceless for access to justice and promoting interfaith harmony for a peaceful co-existence; mass mobilization of the Majority and Minority communities regarding their rights and obligations as citizens of Pakistan and religious freedom.