Introduction to NBCP

The National Baptist Church of Pakistan (NBCP) is an indigenous Church Ministry serving the Lord since 1990. At present NBCP has its presence in three Provinces of Pakistan namely, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa and Sindh. The Church maintains its headquarters in Islamabad, the Capital city of Pakistan.

The Vision of NBCP is to reach out to those who have never heard the Gospel and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

The Mission is to reach out to the oppressed and marginalized communities of Pakistan, to share the Good News with non-believers, enabling them to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and live according to the teachings of the Christ.

Headed by Bishop Ishaq Mazhar Sandhu, National Baptist Church of Pakistan has constructed 15 Church buildings in Islamabad Capital Territory and different parts of Central Punjab and planted 35churches. The congregation comprises approximately 7,000 members across three provinces.NBCP has a dedicated team of 35 full-time Pastors and over 50 Church Deacons.

Ministries of NBCP

  1. Church Planting

NBCP works among people belonging to low-income areas of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa and Sindh provinces and plants churches and congregations at the community level. It helps them build worship places in easily accessible areas.

  1. Pastoral Training

NBCP provides learning opportunities to its Pastors from rural and urban congregations on a regular basis. This serves to equip them with modern day requirements of the congregations and helps them take up the challenges that they face while living in an Islamic state.

These workshops are a platform where participants refresh their knowledge on religion as well as share with other colleagues, their experiences, ideas, and challenges.

  1. Sunday School Ministry

NBCP strongly recognizes the importance of Christian education for Children. This need is more accentuated in Pakistan (Predominantly Muslim State) as Christian children studying in Muslim schools, do not receive Bible Education as a part of their curriculum. Hence NBCP takes it as its direct responsibility to provide Christian teaching to Christian children from their early childhood.

NBCP also provides regular training to Sunday School Teachers for their capacity building.

  1. Evangelistic Ministry

The evangelical team of NBCP endeavors to reach out to the non-believers for sharing the word of God and winning souls. The team travels to remote and far-flung areas where people living in small pockets neither have access to conventional churches nor to any pastoral care.

Christian Empowerment Initiatives

National Baptist Church of Pakistan (NBCP) strongly believes that God does not only want to nurture of the human spirit but wants us to apply a holistic approach in caring for others as a whole, just like we are inclined to attend to all our needs, “ We are to love others as we love ourselves” (Mk. 12:31). Hence along with fulfilling the spiritual needs of Christians, NBCP also endeavors to shoulder the responsibility of catering to other aspects of their lives.

Adhering to the Word of God, NBCP has established Community Development Wing, Socio-Political Wing and Media & Communication Wing through which it reaches out to all communities for alleviating poverty and empowering through education; advocacy and lobbying for Minority Rights, raising voice for the voiceless for access to justice and promoting interfaith harmony for a peaceful co-existence; mass mobilization of the Majority and Minority communities regarding their rights and obligations as citizens of Pakistan and religious freedom.

  1. Community Development Wing 

Interfaith League Against Poverty

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Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP) is the Development Wing of National Baptist Church of Pakistan (NBCP). I-LAP is a non-profit, relief and development organisation which was established in 2004 and registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961. I-LAP has its presence Nationwide. The primary objective of the organisation is to promote interfaith harmony & peace, reduce religious extremism, encourage equality on the basis of humanity and ensure respect for all religions, at all levels.

I-LAP’s Vision is to “Create a new generation of peace workers, peace defenders, and peace negotiators towards catalyzing positive change in the community for prevention of conflicts and promotion and sustenance of peace in the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Pakistan”.

I-LAP’s Mission is to play a vital role in creating awareness among citizens about the importance of interfaith harmony, peace, tolerance and respect for all on the basis of humanity and develop a sense of belonging among the people.

The main thematic areas of I-LAP are:

  • Peacebuilding

I-LAP ventures to promote positive change at all levels in the society. I-LAP feels that peace at national level is possible only when there is peace within communities and among people of different faiths and beliefs.

        I-LAP has formed community based peace groups that work at grass root level, engaging local clerics, community leaders, law enforcement agencies, activists and youth for maintaining peace in their areas. 

        I-LAP regularly celebrates national and international days and religious festivals of all faiths for promoting inter and intra faith harmony. I-LAP initiates interfaith dialogues with community leaders of minority and majority communities by involving women, youth, religious scholars and academia for the promotion of a peaceful co-existence.

  • Disaster Response

Since its inception, I-LAP has been committed to serve the stranded and disaster-stricken communities, irrespective of their cultural, religious and provincial differences in collaboration with local government and other national and international partners. I-LAP has been providing Humanitarian Assistance to victims of natural calamities such as earthquakes, flash floods, and drought; Internally Displaced Persons from conflict-stricken areas and persecuted people who fall prey to religious violence or religious extremist behaviors.

  • Education

The Institute of Emerging Leaders

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TiEL is dedicatedly playing the much-required role of strengthening academic education and emphasizes professional growth and personality development of students; instilling visionary leadership qualities for addressing the challenges being faced by the Christians in the country.

TiEL‘s Vision is to regain the lost dignity of the Christian Community through professional education for obtaining their due share in all high ranking positions in the Government and Private sectors.

TiEL‘sMission is to inculcate the significance of professional education and grooming self-motivated visionary Christian leaders, for competing in all walks of life, on the basis of merit, to surmount future challenges.

  • Health and Medical Response

I-LAP and Friends of I-LAP, a group of volunteers has gathered under the name of “Community Sustainable Development Programme” (CSDP), which comprises internationally qualified senior doctors and experienced people from all walks of life. The aim of this programme is to minimise health risks and optimize health and productivity while lowering health-related cost of people residing in low-income areas of Islamabad. CSDP reaches out to families residing in low-income neighborhoods and provides them with basic necessities of life in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the Government of Pakistan.

2.  Socio-Political Wing

Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL)

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Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) is the Socio-Political Wing of National Baptist Church of Pakistan (NBCP), comprising a network of religious scholars, local clerics, political workers, journalists, lawyers, students, and civil society representatives, specifically focusing to promote interfaith harmony, peace and collective wisdom in their respective domains.

PIL envisions the whole nation united under one flag irrespective of religious beliefs, ethnicity, traditions and culture to contribute in prosperity, peace and stability of Pakistan.

PIL’s Mission is uniting people for peaceful, social, political and religious coexistence

Through advocacy and lobbying, PIL endeavors to establish the political will of lawmakers and other government functionaries to review, amend and truly promulgate clauses given in the Constitution of Pakistan that discriminate between the citizens of Pakistan on the basis of religion and safeguard the rights of religious minorities in Pakistan.

PIL advocates highlighting the pertinence of Religious Freedom, Pluralism, Religious Tolerance, Interfaith Harmony and Peace through extensive campaigns and initiates dialogues and helps build public opinion among different religious groups. PIL also Lobbies with heads of Political Parties, Cabinet Members and Parliamentarians for legislative reforms.

3. Media and Communication Wing

HumSub Digital Media (Pvt) Ltd

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HumSub.TV is the Media and Communication Wing of National Baptist Church of Pakistan (NBCP). HumSub.TVis Pakistan’s leading forwarding-thinking, edutainment web-channel, aimed at promoting and upholding peace, interfaith harmony and social responsibility within Pakistan through informative and insightful programmes and documentaries; analytical interviews on issues pertaining to social, economic, legal and environmental set-up; dedicated shows to canvass and thereby promote the culture and heritage of Pakistan and in-depth coverage of national and international news.

HumSub TV is the first channel and thus a pioneer within its own right that mainly focuses on emphasising the “Rights” as well as the “Obligations” of the citizens in light of the Constitution of Pakistan, numerous International declarations signed by the Government and various laws that have been promulgated over the years but are not in the knowledge of the common citizen.

HumSub TV’s Vision is to project positive image building of Pakistan and inculcate nationalism, as per the vision of the founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.